Our Seramas

We have been raising Seramas since 2012. Seramas are tiny bantam chickens with attitude. They are super cute, make fantastic pets, and they come in lots of colors and three feather types, smooth, frizzle and silkie.

The Serama is the smallest breed of chicken in the world. They originated in Malaysia, where they are the number one pet. However, size alone does not define a Serama. A small chicken without the Serama “type” is not a Serama, but just another small bantam. The breed is very vertical in appearance, think of a “toy soldier” standing at attention. The shape, behavior, temperament and size of the bird are the most important characteristics. They can compete against each other in open table top competitions at poultry shows as well as in-cage allbreed poultry shows. 

We strive to raise show quality Seramas but often have pet quality that don’t quite meet the strict standard of perfection. Our prices start at $25 for males and $40 for females. We don’t sell small, young Serama chicks, they are way too tiny to be stressed by a move. We raise them to about 3-4 months so we can determine quality and make sure they have a good start.

At this time we are not shipping, but we welcome you to visit our farm near Waco, Texas to pick out your own adorable Seramas.